Critical Care Hospitals in Guntur

Sanjivi Hospitals is one of the best critical care hospitals in India. Critical care, also known as intensive care, is a branch of medicine associated with the diagnosis and management of life-threatening conditions. Patients who are critically ill require special attention and this branch of medicine covers their care.

Critical patients may need support for instability (hypotension/hypertension), respiratory or airway compromise (ventilator support), cardiac arrhythmias, the overall impact from multiple organ failures – also referred to as multiple organ dysfunction syndromes.

Intensive care units also admit patients who require invasive monitoring, which is the crucial hours after major surgery. If patients are unstable and their vitals cannot be regulated easily in less intensively monitored units, they are placed in intensive care units.

The critical care department of Sanjivi Hospitals holds many specialties and technologies, providing the possibility of survival to patients who are suffering from life-threatening conditions and are critically ill. Procedures usually take place in an Intensive Care Unit (ICU) or trauma center. We understand that ICU management is determined by the methodical organization of services. It affects overall outcome measures like infection rates, mortality, and length of stay.

Our 24-hour critical care units have both multidisciplinary ICUs along with ICUs identified separately for post surgery patients, post-dialysis patients. We also have special ICUs for medical emergencies. We have taken intensive care medicine to the next level with our state-of-the-art technology and medical expertise. We offer services to satisfy patients and deliver the best critical care services in the country.

More about Critical Care Medicine

Critical care medicinal procedures are handled by anesthetists. The physician anesthesiologist performs the same patient management activities in the operating room as those required in the critical care unit.

At the critical care unit, medical professionals help people with life-threatening illnesses and injuries. These could include the treatment for complications from surgery, severe breathing problems, infections, and accidents. Experts provide close and constant attention. The ICU or critical care unit comprises monitors, feeding tubes, breathing machines, catheters, intravenous, and other equipment.

Clinical Team

Trained health care providers are dedicated to striving to survive most of the critically ill patients. Having received certifications and training at the best of institutions, these experts work 24×7 to revive patients with life-threatening conditions. They also efficiently manage critical care units, making sure that the entire team of doctors, paramedics, nurses, and physicians work in collaboration with each other. This team of critical care specialists uses strict protocols to control and minimize infections, complications and ensure a speedy recovery.

At Sanjivi Hospitals, diligent focus and attention are laid on areas such as nurses’ training and the identification of economic and ethical issues related to critical care. That is what makes the most reliable and reputable critical care hospital.