Deformity Correction Surgeries in Guntur

Bones suffer from deformation for various reasons – sometimes due to abnormal growth during childhood or even could be due to a healing of the fractured bone in a deformed position. It is also very common to see combinations of two or more of these deformity components together. Accurate correction of these deformities requires proper planning.

At Sanjivi hospitals, we use newer tools like computer software aided devices for appropriate planning & execution of the plan. We almost always try to do gradual corrections with minimally invasive techniques to give the best results. One of the newer methods for gradual correction is the Hexapod External Fixator that can simultaneously correct majority of the deformity components utilizing the six-axis correction principle. It is a computer-aided correction where the software is used to guide the correction.

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Special Features

  •  Useful in patients with post injury deformities and patients with deformities present from birth

My son had an abnormal growth in his leg. Sanjivi Hospitals’ doctors performed the surgery with skill and precision, and he can now walk without any difficulty.

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