Sports Medicine and Keyhole Services in Guntur

The Sports Medicine Service at Sanjivi Hospitals manages treatment and prevention of sports and exercise-related wounds. Our patients incorporate sporting and world class competitors, yet might possibly be any person who need to maintain an active lifestyle. Our essential point is to help our patients return to their favourite sporting activities in the briefest time span possible, and to perform at their most elevated level.

The Sports Medicine Service in Guntur comprises of a team of devoted doctors and arthroscopic surgeon in Guntur who are energetic about treating athletic injuries concerning the musculoskeletal system. We work in a multi-disciplinary setting which incorporates sports doctors, physiotherapists, and nurse clinicians. Every patient is totally assessed, and treatment is redone as indicated by individual patient requirements, sporting objectives and lifestyle choices.

Treatment decisions fluctuate and range from the accompanying:

Conservative measures: Advise on way of life alteration, specialized tips on sports participation, restoration or exercise routine, nutrition, meds to lessen pain/irritation, injections (like steroids, platelet rich plasma, viscosupplementation), ultrasound or extracorporeal shockwave treatment (ESWT).

Surgical treatment when demonstrated; this should be possible through minimally invasive procedures or open medical procedure. Arthroscopy in Guntur is a type of keyhole medical procedure regularly performed by sports specialists. Here, we utilize a smaller than expected camera and particular instruments placed into a joint through tiny cuts, permitting the entire joint to be plainly pictured, and to perform helpful methodology to treat the problem. A large portion of the medical procedures performed by the Sports Medicine Service are currently done through this arthroscopic approach, permitting more modest scars, less torment and quicker recuperation.

The Sports Medicine Service treats a wide assortment of joint issues, and sports and exercise injuries, which can be extensively partitioned dependent on body regions. Get the

sports injuries treatment in Guntur at orthopedic hospitals in AP

Keyhole medical procedure offers patients various advantages:

  • Reduced loss in the blood decreases the shot at requiring a blood transfusion.
  • Smaller cuts diminish torment and abbreviate recuperation time.
  • Less pain implies less pain medicine required.
  • The opportunity for infections is less because of diminished openness of interior organs to the possibleexternal impurities.
  • Relatively tiny scars as the entry point issmall.
  • Healing is faster as muscles and tissue are not cut

Visit hip arthroscopy specialist in Guntur, knee arthroscopy doctor, shoulder arthroscopy surgeon in AP if you ‘re experiencing knee, hip, shoulder issues.

At Sanjivi Hospitals we apply medical knowledge to prevent, recognize, manage and rehabilitate injuries related to sport, exercise or recreational activities, as well with the help of our full-fledged physiotherapy department trained physiotherapists.

We take care of:

  • Meniscus Surgery
  •  Ligament Constructions
  •  Shoulder Key Holes Surgeries

Special Features

  •  Used to repair damaged cartilage and ligaments
  •  Though minimally invasive most procedures are straightforward and aren’t time consuming
  •  Serious and complex injuries take longer

Thanks to the treatment at Sanjivi hospitals, I can play football again. The doctors corrected my injury well.

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