Sanjivi Hospital: Setting the Standard for the Best Hospitals in Guntur

About Us

According to the Ramayana, Sanjeevani is the plant that was meant to cure any serious nervous disorders. When Hanuman couldn’t find the exact plant in the mountain that he went looking in it for, he brought the entire mountain back to the battlefield. This mountain is called Sanjivi!
Established in 1964 by Late Dr. Y. V. Subba Rao, even to this day we are willing to move mountains to give our patients the best medical care.
From being the first surgeons practicing Plastic Surgery in Andhra Pradesh to now being able to perform computer navigation assisted joint replacement surgeries – Late Dr. Y. V. Subba Rao and his son Dr. Y. Lakshmana Swamy’s legacy has come a long way in providing the best of the care at an affordable cost over the last 55 years.
The field of medicine runs on trust and nothing else – the very kind words of our patients are their caregivers stand testimony to the same. The measure of our success is the fact that the names of Dr. Y. Lakshmana Swamy and Sanjivi have been synonymous for the best care in Bone and Joint Diseases.

Dr. Y. V. Subba Rao

Sanjivi Hospitals was established in 1964 by Late Dr. Y. V. Subba Rao, a well renowned Plastic surgeon. He had a vision to create a healthcare centre of excellence. With over thousands of surgeries, many award winning presentations & publications in various countries across the world (Germany, England, Italy etc) he made his mark in the field of Plastic surgery in India.

Dr. Y. Lakshmana Swamy

His vision is carried forward by Dr. Y. Lakshmana Swamy, a legendary Orthopedic surgeon who with his dedication, skill & compassion has made patient care affordable. With vast experience of over 64 years we believe in pursuing medical excellence through our core principles.

Sanjivi Hospital is a multi-specialty facility that offers complete medical care. We have been delivering exceptional care to our patients ever since. We have a team of skilled and qualified doctors, nurses, and other healthcare professionals who are committed to providing patients with the best possible treatment. The personnel are kind and compassionate, making the patients feel at ease and safe in the hospital. The hospital also boasts a welcoming and helpful environment that makes patients feel at ease.

Top Hospitals in Guntur that Offer Comprehensive Services

Orthopedics, Physiotherapy, Nephrology, General Medicine, General Surgery, ENT, Pulmonology, Cardiology, Critical Care, Gastroenterology, Plastic Surgery, and Gynaecology are among the services provided at Sanjivi Hospital. To treat patients, the hospital has well-equipped operating rooms, intensive care units (ICUs), wards, and other amenities. There is also a pharmacy, a laboratory, and other services available at the hospital. Sanjivi Hospital is one of the most affordable hospitals in Guntur. The hospital provides high-quality care at a reasonable cost, offers patients immediate treatment, and guarantees that they receive the best possible care.

Our Vision

To create a world class healthcare at the reach of every individual.

Our Mission

Is to pursue medical excellence through relentless innovation, clinical excellence, cutting edge technology with compassion to deliver the best of healthcare at an affordable cost.

Our Core Values

Ethical Treatment