Our boy had a hip fracture and had surgery at a different hospital. That surgery failed. Then we came to Guntur’s famous Dr. Y. Lakshmana Swamy’s Hospital. Dr. Y. Lakshmana Swamy and his son Dr. Y. Subramanyam performed a hip replacement surgery to my son. It’s been six months since he had surgery and our boy is going to the farm. I’m very thankful to Dr. Y. Lakshmana Swamy and Dr. Y. Subramanyam to make my son to do his work.

Chinna Chenchu, Lemalle, Amaravathi.


I got paralysis before 11 years. In the meantime, I had a hip fracture. In Sanjeevi Hospital Dr Subramanyam has had a hip replacement operation to me. Never thought I’d walk again. My thanks to Dr. Sanjeevi Hospital for driving me back.

Shaik Sylar, Guntur.


My leg was broken to pieces in an accident. Not only the leg break, but also hurt the leg well. Injuries to me are not short-lived. When I was contacted at other hospitals, they said I had to have my leg amputated. Then I went to Dr Subramanyam in Sanjivi Hospitals. He said that I didn’t have to remove my toes and operation can be held after injuries were cured. As said, he performed surgey to me. It took time for bone to stick but the injuries were gone. I am now able to walk well. My knee also works perfectly.

Rambabu, Guntur.


I am a school teacher by profession and I was suffering from knee pain for a long time. I was unable to climb stairs and had difficulty in walking and bending the knee. I underwent total knee replacement at Sanjivi Hospitals under Dr.Subramanyam. I started attending school in 2 months after surgery and now I am able to do all my work very comfortably. I thank Dr. Subramanyam for giving me a pain free and active life.

Dhanalakshmi, Guntur


I had femoral fracture in an accident. Dr Subramanyam had surgery on it and made me walk right away. Within a month of having surgery, I went to the office. Thank you doctor. I am grateful to you.

Veeraraghavaiah, Guntur.


My father has been suffering from knee pain for many years. He struggled to walk a short distance and even fold his knees. He had to stop working on his farm. Some people worried us that a knee replacement operation may not be successful. We got hope after speaking to Dr. Lakshmana Swamy. At the same hospital, my father underwent two-legged knee replacement surgery by Dr Subramanyam. Feels better after surgery. Now he go to the farm on a regular basis. Recently he also visited Sabarimalai. My thanks to doctor for giving back to my father the painless walk.

Venkat Reddy, Guravareddypalem, Ongole.